Saturday, February 28, 2009


Aaron is one month old today. He's around 9 pounds now, and we're transitioning from the newborn clothes to the 0-3 months size. In addition to getting bigger, I think his look has changed a bit. He still has the blue eyes and lots of dark hair, though. These days he is awake and alert much of the time. He seems to react to noises, such as music and looks at things, especially people and light/dark contrasts. Sometimes I swear he laughs when we talk to him.

Genevieve lost her first two teeth in the past couple of weeks. She is so excited about it. Most of her friends and classmates had lost teeth long before, so she was feeling left out, and now she feels grown up. Both teeth were plucked by her teacher, whom I hear is "the best" at it. Definitely a good skill to have when you teach 1st grade. Both teeth made it home safely thanks to little plastic tooth holders that they gave her, but amazingly she managed to lose them somewhere in the house before bedtime BOTH times. It's a good thing she doesn't believe in the Tooth Fairy, or I might have had quite a situation on my hands.

John had a major milestone himself at the beginning of the month when he turned 40. It was less than a week after Aaron was born, though, so we didn't do much to celebrate other than make a cake (which was surprisingly difficult). I feel bad about it...I always thought I'd throw him a big party or go somewhere really cool for his 40th birthday. I will have to come up with some way to make it up to him!