Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama WINS!


Finally, we get rid of the Republican regime! Maybe we can start to fix this country. I hope he can do it. This article from the Onion is sadly accurate in many ways.

I think it's cool that we elected a black man finally, but that's not the big victory to me. I am much more interested in the candidates' ideas and attitudes than in any of their personal attributes. The whole Republican greed + religious idiocy combination makes me so angry and frustrated all the time.

Besides, I have been saying for 20 years that we would elect an African-American president before we ever got a woman president. For a while there was a chance I would be proven wrong, but no, Hillary Clinton's intelligence and ambition were too threatening to most of the moronic public. In addition to what I think is a greater exposure to and tolerance of multicultural backgrounds, Barack Obama is hardly the stereotypical black man, so he's really not all that threatening to most Americans.

P.S. I know it's a little late for Sarah Palin bashing, but if you haven't seen this video, it's hilarious. I think if she had managed to get elected I would have lost all faith in America and started looking into moving to another country.

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